FDAS White Card Waters

Full Membership

Many clubs and associations have hoops to jump through in order to join, some have waiting lists and joining fees, some only accept members on recommendation. The white card is effectively our hoop to jump through but rather uniquely you can join the club while waiting to join the club.

Full membership is available to all grades of membership at no extra cost, all we ask is that a member is in possession of two concurrent membership cards and makes a contribution to the wellbeing of the society. The easiest and most obvious way to make that all important contribution is to attend work parties and whilst we appreciate that not everyone is capable of back breaking peg work there are many other ways to help and all abilities can be catered for.

Upon completion of two work parties there is a very simple application form to fill in and you’re nearly there.

Once full membership has been issued it is yours for as long as you choose to keep it, you will still need to pay your yearly subscription and attend two work parties each year in order to remain a full member but the benefits are numerous. Access to additional waters, night fishing, voting rights at meetings and access to card share schemes with other clubs are all on offer for those who are willing to give a little extra and become an active member.

Night permits are available to puchase by postal application from the secretary for those wishing to night fish in their first year. 

Night fishing is restricted to Dilhorne pools, Finneys pools, Overflow and Miners pools, River Dove, Trent and Mersey canal and Caldon canal.

Full Membership (White Card) Waters

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