Trent and Mersey Canal

Canal fishing has seen many changes over the years, two hundred peg matches were a regular occurrence in years gone by and many anglers would pleasure fish the “cut” up until the appearance of commercial fisheries in the early 90’s with easy access, parking and ridiculously easy fishing making the canal a distant memory for most.

Fast forward to today and there is a significant resurgence in canal fishing with lure anglers at the forefront. Monster perch, pike and zander have been caught on lure and drop shot tactics along the entire length of the canal and despite the Canal and River trust’s best efforts to remove the zander there are still a few to be caught.

Anglers who consider the cut to be full of bits would be quite right to assume so but it should also be considered that at seven miles it is probably the biggest Stillwater on the card and fish in such a large water can grow to immense proportions, Fabulous carp are known to patrol and sizeable roach, bream and incredible chub can be found for those who are prepared to take a few hours to study the water and locate the fish.