River Churnet Kingsley

A beautiful piece of water to add to our fantastic selection of Churnet stretches. The lower limit consists of deep slow water reminicent of Crumpwood and the upper limit is much shallower and faster. Coarse fish are abundant here with impressive chub and perch to be found, roach, dace and pike are also present along with the game species that the river is famous for. Barbel were introduced to this stretch some years ago and several of these fish showed in a subsequent Environment Agency electro fishing operation. Coarse fish will respond to a variety of methods and baits and the game angler will find open areas among the more tree lined banks, several areas are easily wadeable.

Access is by way of a graded zig zagging track to the lower limit, the upper limit is accessible from here but there is quite a hill to negotiate in order to get there, the less adventurous may wish to park at Froghall Wharf (unnofficial) and walk along the Caldon canal to the public footpath that drops directly onto the river next to the bridge.