River Churnet Crumpwood Alton

As with the Red Road stretch it’s business as usual for the game angler, the fish here are very obliging and again present in huge numbers, the only difference is that the slower water towards the end of the stretch does tend to produce a better stamp of fish with several wild brownies over the four pounds mark caught from the many pools to be found.

The faster water will also produce good grayling of a better average size with one pound plus fish commonplace and a two pounder is certainly not out of the question.

Coarse fish are there to be taken again on trotting tactics but a well placed feeder in the deeper and slower swims will account for some quality roach and bream.

Chub, excellent perch and double figure pike almost complete this incredible piece of water but with the Crumpwood fish pass now completed and open for business who knows?

Please note the lower limit of the stretch has now changed and official parking is at Red Road, please consult your membership card and observe upper and lower limit sineage.