Finney’s pools

These pools have been a revelation since the society took on the fishing rights in 2013 effectively transforming the Dilhorne site into a four pool complex.

Referred to as pools three and four the pools are used as a nursery to grow on stock fish for eventual stocking into other waters, these fishable stock pools have been extensively stocked over the last few years with carp, tench, bream, chub, barbel, ide, crucians and f1s, this added to the existing stock of roach, rudd, perch and impressive hybrids offers superb float fishing, traditional baits score very well here and maggots, casters and sweetcorn will see a huge variety of fish gracing the net making the pools a fantastic throwback to the good old days when you really didn’t know which fish was coming next.

Children and beginners will particularly enjoy these pools as the float is virtually guaranteed to disappear. The stocking policy is starting to pay dividends now and impressive fish of all species are regularly caught.